Brahm Powell

I enjoy spending time in nature.

I like biking.

Welcome To My Site!


Hi there, and welcome to my site! Here you will find information on my research, work, music, and church/community involvement. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me via the contact portal below! Also, feel free to visit my Github page.

About Me

Some introductory info, to let you know who I am!

Outdoor Enthusiast

I never miss a chance to go hiking, skiing, biking, or camping - whether near or far.


I am the co-founder and CTO of Stylify Fashion, a software start-up.


In my free time, I play the French Horn.

Born-Again Christian

I teach and serve at Bible Baptist Temple in Euclid, OH.


My work is relatively inter-disciplinary, though most of it can be categorized roughly under the umbrella of "Robotics."

One of my primary interests is real-world applications of machine learning, with a focus on situations that involve computer vision. At Stylify, I develop algorithms for learning shopping preferences from various data sources, including social media posts (images and text).

Much of my academic work has been in the area of controls. My Masters Thesis focused on designing an extremeum-seeking controller to optimize an exercise machine for maximum effort exertion by the patient. I am also interested in the control of mobile robotics that involve non-wheeled locomotion.

A couple of my most notable projects are briefly summarized below. For more info or a more detailed list of works/publications, feel free to contact me, or visit my Github page to view some of my smaller projects.

  • Our six-person interdisciplinary Engineering group developed an intelligent surveillance system (with an associated interactive police app), nicknamed Cerebro, capable of tracking criminals across cameras, for use near college campuses.

    Senior Design Project Winners

    Rethinking Campus Security

  • I am researching and developing an extremum-seeking control algorithm that will be used by a cutting-edge exercise machine that can maximize patient effort exertion in certain muscles of interest.

    Adaptive Workout Machine

    Maximizing workout potential

  • Using open-source computing, we worked on development of software to automate the subject-specific prosthetic socket design process using FEA and geometry data.

    Prosthesis Software

    Automating subject-specific prosthetic socket design


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Cleveland State Wind Ensemble

I have served as Principal French Horn of the Cleveland State University Wind Ensemble. The Wind Ensemble performs for two regular concerts each semester, as well as commencement and other miscellaneous events near campus. Feel free to listen to their concerts on livestream - look for concerts with CSU Band or CSU Symphonic Wind Ensemble in the title.

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Euclid High School Bands

I was the student director of the Pep Band (which performs at basketball games) at Euclid High school for two years. In Marching Band, I was the Mellophone Section Leader for three years, and also wrote all of the drill for one of the field shows my senior year. I was also the principal French Horn for all four years of high school.

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Bible Baptist Temple

I have played French Horn at my church, Bible Baptist Temple, for several years. I primarily play with the congregational singing. I also sing in the choir.

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